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Welcome New AITD Divisional Councils

Welcome to the new and returning Divisional Council members for 2017-2018.

Released: 1 August 2017


In July 2017 AITD sought nominations from members keen to join their local Divisional Council. The results are in and AITD is pleased to announce the new Councils that will commence their one year terms on 1 September 2017.

AITD welcomes the new and returning Council members:

ACT Divisional Council*

  1. Graham Doering, FAITD (Board Director)

NSW Divisional Council*

  1. Ivan Cunningham
  2. Andrew Gately
  3. Lisa Harrison
  4. Michelle Morcombe
  5. George Papallo, FAITD
  6. Rebecca Sharp
  7. Siobhan Sutherland-Rogers (Board Director)

Qld-NT Divisional Council*

  1. Julie Peters
  2. Shane Shepherd, FAITD
  3. Shweta Singh
  4. Jeanne Marshall (Board Director)

SA Divisional Council

  1. Gina Brooks
  2. David Bryson
  3. Jason Hughes
  4. James Kmet
  5. Mia Maglieri
  6. Ellenie Radimissis
  7. Susan Raphael
  8. Abbie Taylor
  9. Jai Wright
  10. Jane Calleja (Board Director)

Vic-Tas Divisional Council*

  1. David Anderson
  2. Nino Cipriani
  3. Deahne Green
  4. Felicity Harrison
  5. Lisa Ippolito
  6. Dianne Ramage
  7. Michelle Ryan
  8. Michael Werle (Board Director)

WA Divisional Council*

  1. Sandra Booth
  2. Sharon Mannino
  3. Andrew Hart, AFAITD (Board Director)


*Several councils have vacancies. Should you be interested in joining an AITD Council, please contact AITD Programs Manager, Neil Von Heupt (

Thank You!

AITD sincerely thanks all the Council members who have served over the past year. Your contributions have helped support AITD to build community among local members.



AITD Council Members 2016-2017

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  • Guild (to April 2018)
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