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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice are an online forum where members can learn from each other, work out loud, discuss emerging tools and technologies, share and curate resources (blogs, articles, books, sites, journal articles and beyond) and sharpen their skills through collaborative learning.

A Community of Practice moves beyond a general discussion group into a specific area of focus, and works towards improving the practice of the members. The purpose is to create dialogue and develop skills through the exchange of resources and ideas, information and advice, questions and answers. A community manager is appointed by AITD to make sure that the resources and dialogue are dynamic and meet the needs of the group.

A Community of Practice is a place designed for contributors and participants, not just spectators. It is subject to the same group rules as AITD's members-only group (available on the about page of the main group).

Community of Practice - Facilitation

A Community of Practice for facilitators in the training, learning and development and organisational development professions. This community will initially explore what the core competencies of facilitators include as well as techniques, tools and technology. Participants already include some of AITD Facilitation Skills MasterClass trainers and course participants.

Our community facilitators are Mark Wilkes-Jones, Pam Macdonald, Susan Raphael, Chemene Sinson and Dr Cathryn Lloyd.

This community started in July 2015 on LinkedIn.

Community of Practice - eLearning

This Community of Practice has grown out of the eLearning Essentials course and is designed for people with an interest in eLearning. Weekly posts and discussion starters will keep you up-to-date and engaged with the fast changing world of eLearning. Participants include AITD members and eLearning Essentials facilitators and participants.

Our community facilitators are Matthew Mason and Trish Wallis .

This community started in October 2015 on LinkedIn.

Community of Practice - Coaching and Mentoring

This Community of Practice is for people with an interest in coaching and mentoring.  Participants already include some of AITD Mentoring Program participants.

Our community facilitators are Melissa Richardson and Ann Rolfe.

This community started in March 2016 on LinkedIn.


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