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Mentoring Program - Applications Closed

Mentoring Program - Applications Closed

Mentoring Program - Applications Closed

Does your vision for 2020 include stepping outside of your comfort zone? Closing gaps around your skill-set? Helping professionals seeking guidance? Learning from others?
Ready to join AITD Mentoring With 2020 Vision?
This year's mentoring program is called Mentoring with 2020 Vision, and it's all about pairing up AITD members who are experienced and willing to share, with AITD members that are less experienced, but also willing to share, and are seeking guidance with developing their skills and careers.


You Had Me at Sharing and Developing.  What do I do next?

If you'd like to apply to be a Mentor, click here to complete your application on the Art of Mentoring platform. We'll notify you about the outcome of your application after the 7th of April, once applications close and we've reviewed your application.  Please note:  applications are closed and this year's program is underway.  

If you'd like to apply to be a Mentee, you must first register and pay for the application on the AITD mentoring registration page here:  Mentee Registration Page Once we receive your payment, we'll direct you to the Art of Mentoring platform to complete your application online. We'll notify you about the outcome of your application after the 7th of April, once applications close and we've reviewed your application.  Please note: applications are closed and this year's program is underway.

Our Mentoring Program is Far-Reaching. The AITD Mentoring with 2020 Vision program is offered across Australia. Applications are open to AITD members residing and working across all states and territories in Australia.


AITD Mentoring with 2020 Vision is offered across Australia in partnership with:


AITD members include: trainers; learning & development professionals; instructional designers; organisational development professionals; eLearning developers; facilitators; assessors; consultants; teachers; chief learning officers and more.

Mentors are AITD members who are experienced and successful professionals.They must be ethical, reflective, knowledgeable, supportive, trustworthy, open to learn and available.

Mentees are AITD members who may be new to the profession or wanting to move into a different or more senior role. They must be teachable, willing to listen, open to change, reflective, committed, flexible, motivated.


Both people will benefit from the mentoring relationship. The old “guru instructs novice” model has matured into a more mutual “two way street” where both are willing to listen and learn.

Typically the mentor will benefit from:

  1. Developing their mentoring skills - giving feedback, communication
  2. Exposure to emerging issues
  3. Making a meaningful contribution to AITD and the training and development profession

The mentee will benefit from:

  1. The wisdom, knowledge and expertise of the mentor
  2. An expanded professional network
  3. Improving communication and interpersonal skills
  4. Setting and working towards goals
  5. Identifying growth targets
  6. Career guidance
  7. Building confidence
  8. Intentional reflection


Professionals willing to give their time and effort to this exciting mentoring program will be recognised through a program completion certificate and a digital badge.


How does AITD’s mentoring program work?

Applications closed on the 7th of April, and this year's program officially launched on the 27th of April.  Mentors and mentees will meet at least monthly over 6+ months, concluding in October 2020. Events will be held in October/November 2020 to celebrate and conclude the program. A limited number of pairs in each state/territory will be matched up.  Usually, we receive more applications than available places, but that gives AITD an opportunity to carefully match mentors and mentees.

The format of the mentoring meetings and other contact will be agreed by the participants, but given the current global climate, we suggest matched pairs utilise email, phone, Skype, Zoom, messenger and other digital mediums to connect. This is the perfect opportunity for professionals across Australia to develop their virtual communication skills!  A mid-program survey will be sent out to see how things are moving, as well as regular emails. At the end of the program, participants will be asked to submit their feedback to AITD, in order to reflect on the program and its success.  


What is the cost of the program?

To secure a place in the AITD mentoring program, mentees pay only $55 (inc GST) prior to submitting their application. Program participation also includes a $100 voucher that can be used to attend an AITD course to further the mentee's professional development. There is no cost to be a mentor.  Please note: applications are closed and this year's program is underway.

More information

For more information about the AITD Mentoring Program, please contact our Programs & Content Manager at



Testimonials from previous participants

“Terrific opportunity to extend expertise with another motivated L&D professional. Whether you're the mentor or the mentee, you'll get something from this program”. - Chemene Sinson, mentor.


I recommend the AITD Mentoring Program to anyone who has more they wish to achieve or create, coupled with the courage and commitment to … journey towards their dreams” - Sha Paisley, mentee 


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