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Use Digital Badges

AITD badges can be used and recognised in many ways

AITD Digital Badges

About Using Digital Badges

AITD badges use the Open Badges Infrastracture (OBI) protocols so that the badges can be used and recognised in many ways.

AITD badges can be added to a digital backpack and linked to a LinkedIn profile, displayed on a website and elsewhere. AITD uses Credly to issue badges.

Process for Claiming a Badge

Once you have earned a badge from AITD, you will receive an email with information about how to claim your badge.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Earn a badge from AITD
  2. Receive an email from AITD advising that a badge has been earned;
  3. Go to and set up a Credly account
  4. Click on Claim Credit
  5. Enter the claim code AITD provided in the email
  6. Follow the instructions to claim your badge
  7. Once you have claimed your badge, you can also link to your badge on your LinkedIn profile
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