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AITD is on Meetup!

AITD is now on the popular event platform Meetup.

Released: 14 November 2017

You can join us on Meetup at Set your profile up with a photo and brief bio and then search for AITD and join the group. Each meetup will have the city in the title, a description of what’s happening, date, time and location as well as a link to the AITD website page for that Meetup.

For free events you can register on meetup or the AITD website. For paid events, registration and payment needs to be done through the AITD website.

Meetup gets AITD events in front of a wider audience and you can set up your notifications to see comments and receive reminders about Meetups that you’ve registered for. As part of a national organisation, you will see details of Meetups in other States (which is why the city will be at the start of each Meetup title). Feel free to join those if you happen to be in town at the time.



AITD Events on Meetup

  • Disc Advanced (June2015-2018)
  • Guild (from May 2018)
  • Writers Wanted