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Call for Course Presenters

Put your skills to work for AITD

Released: 15 January 2018

AITD delivers a range of continuing professional development courses in States around Australia. We are currently looking for local presenters for the courses listed below. Presenters must be AITD members with expertise, experience, education and enthusiasm for the topic. The AITD audience are already learning and development professionals looking to extend their skills and knowledge.

Train Room Essentials – Canberra
Adult Learning Essentials – Canberra
Instructional Design Essentials – Adelaide, Canberra, Perth
Needs Analysis and Evaluation Essentials – Adelaide, Canberra, Perth
Presentation Skills MasterClass – Canberra
Facilitation Skills MasterClass – Canberra
L&D Project Management MasterClass – Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth


First step in the expression of interest process is to call Neil Von Heupt AITD Programs Manager on (02) 9211 9414.



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