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Skills for Australia: Cross Sector Projects

Contribute your views to a cross sector project.

Released: 1 September 2017

PwC’s Skills for Australia is seeking input from passionate individuals, across a broad range of industries, who are wanting to create a positive impact on vocational education and training in Australia.

A recent review identified that a number of cross-sectoral skills themes presented opportunities to create flexible and transferable training components that will benefit industries, learners and the broader vocational education and training sector.

This opportunity formed the foundations of the cross sector projects. The key objectives of the cross sector projects is to develop training components that better support individuals to move between related occupations, and to improve the training system’s efficiency by creating units that can be used by multiple industry sectors.

PwC’s Skills for Australia is leading the development of the following cross sector projects:
•Teamwork and Communication
•Big Data
•Cyber Security

This is an exciting opportunity to increase flexibility and efficiency in Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) system, and collaborate with the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC), the Department of Education and Training and other key stakeholders in pursuit of this worthwhile objective. Register your interest today, as consultations are happening now.

PwC's Skills for Australia - Cross Sector Projects

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