AITD - Over 40 years experience in supporting the learning and development community

The Benefits of AITD Membership

What unites our members is a common belief in the value of continuous learning and professional development to build a thriving, adaptable workforce

Professional development

AITD provides free or discounted professional development opportunities for members including:

  1. Professional development events are held in each State / Territory. Combining networking and knowledge sharing, these events are generally held outside office hours - such as breakfast sessions or after-work functions.
  2. AITD Courses: These Essentials and Masterclass Courses provide structured high quality professional development. With a range of face-to-face and online courses, they are for professionals looking to extend their skills and knowledge of training, learning and development theory and practice.
  3. Regular Webinars featuring leading international speakers on a variety of contemporary topics.
  4. Annual National Conference - which has has developed a reputation for delivering thought-provoking presentations on contemporary issues relevant to learning and organisational development professionals.
  5. Mentoring Program (In partnership with Art of Mentoring) - bringing together experienced and successful professional members with other AITD members who are looking to develop their skills and careers.
  6. Join the National Conversation - these are topics relevant to training, learning and development and organisational development professionals. Through face-to-face events, online discussion forums and social media, conversations will be held linked to themes for AITD's Training and Development magazine.


Networking is essential for professionals working in training, learning and development.

  1. AITD facilitates networking events so members can make personal contact and establish links with other like-minded professionals.
  2. In addition to face-to-face networking opportunities, virtual networking is also available through AITD's LinkedIn Group.
  3. Extend your network into social media by following AITD on Twitter (@aitd1) where you can get the latest updates as well as interacting with your peers.

Information and knowledge

Access essential reading for training, learning and development and HR professionals keen to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and developments within the industry.

  1. AITD's Training and Development magazine is sent to all members.
  2. In the members-only section of our website you can access past articles, industry research and reports.
  3. Communities of Practice , an online forum where members can learn from each other, work out loud, discuss emerging tools and technologies, share and curate resources and sharpen their skills through collaborative learning.
  4. Access to over 4100+ business magazines and journals and over 8000+ business ebooks through the EBSCO Business Source database.
  5. Receive regular email newsletters with information about national activities, local events, industry news and more.

Professional recognition

Demonstrate to your staff, colleagues and clients that you are committed to best practice in training, learning and development.

  1. Earn Digital Badges with AITD; be recognised to your commitment to lifelong learning by building up your e-portfolio through a range of AITD activities.
  2. Use our member logo on your resume, website and stationery.
  3. Nominate yourself or your company for the annual AITD Excellence Awards where excellence in learning and development and organisational development is recognised.
  4. Increase your profile by applying to be an AITD networking speaker, or writing an article for Training and Development magazine .
  5. Use the post-nominals MAITD, or apply to become an Associate Fellow (AFAITD) or Fellow (FAITD).

Member discounts

AITD member discounts include:

  1. Access significant discounts on professional indemnity insurance through our insurance partners Guild Insurance.
  2. Access a 20% discount and free delivery (within Australia) on all titles through Footprint Books.
  3. Up to 30% off the standard price of AITD courses, networking and professional development events.
  4. Up to 30% off the standard price of AITD conference registration. By registering multiple delegates as a group, savings can reach up to 40% off. Further discounts may apply for early bird registrations.
  5. AITD members have opportunities for discounted advertising in AITD's magazine, website and eNewsletters).
  6. AITD members have opportunities for discounted sponsorship in AITD's Excellence Awards, Annual Conference and exhibition.
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